Specific Music Cues Used in Weissmuller's Films

The MGM Tarzan Films

Daniele Amfitheatrof

Dr. William Axt


My Tender One

Sol P. Levy


Cannibal Carnival


George Richelavie


Voodoo Dance (arr. Marquandt & Stahl)

David L. Snell

Maisie Was a Lady
Tarzan's New York Adventure

Maisie Fanfare        Listen
Tarzan Montage


Herbert Stothert

Waterloo Bridge



Farewell Waltz (a.k.a. New End Cast)


The RKO Tarzan Films

Paul Sawtell

Tarzan Triumphs

Tarzan Main Title
Letter from Jane
Monkey Sequence
The Dinner
Slave Montage
Zandra Flees, Pts 1 & 2
Death Trap
Schmidt Cheta Chase
Swimming Sequence
Zandra Cooks for Tarzan
Little Friend
Cheta's Little Friends
Tarzan Makes War, Pts 1 & 2
Cheta        Listen
Pandemonium, Pts 1 & 2
Stalking Sequence
End Title


Tarzan's Desert Mystery


Main Title
Jungle Friends
Message from Heaven
The Letter
Sheik's Arrival
The Stallion
Connie's Caravan
The Rescue
The Feast
Arrival at Bir Herari
A Plan
Cheta's Act, Parts 1 & 2
Boy's Prayer
Prince Selim's Death
Turban Hunt
Cheta's Return
Desert Hut
The Search
On the Trail
Hendrix's Death
End Title


Tarzan and the Amazons

Main Title        Listen
Main Title, Part 2
Leopard Chase
Strange Mountains
Jane Returns
Crocodile Fight
Naughty Monkeys
Playmates Again, Parts 1 & 2
Lioness Shot
Cheta Learns to Smoke
Boy Leads Safari
Second Attempt
The Storm
The Sentence
Tarzan Saves Jane
Greedy Fools
The Mad Killer
Evil Befalls the Amazons
Bridge Blown up
Hour of Death
Symbols Returned
End Title


Tarzan and the Leopard woman

Main Title
Ivory Shop
The Snake Charmer
London Bridge is Falling Down
Zambesi Maidens
Cheta the Snake Charmer
Tarzan Suspects
Safari Attacked
Tarzan's Dilemma
Cheta's Serenade
Mocking Bird, Parts 1 & 2
Kimba the Spy
Spirit of '76
The Missing Dagger
Caravan to Bagandi
Caravan Trail
Jungle Raiders
Boy's Discovery
To the Rescue
River Rescue
The Trap
Boy's Fight
Tarzan's Discovery
Jane and Boy Captured
Sacrificial Assembly
Lazar and Kimba's Death
End Title


Tarzan and the Huntress

Main Title
Cheta and the Bees
Cheta's Vanity
The Pleasant Journey
King's Birthday
King's Banquet, Part 1
Drum Dance
King's Banquet, Part 2
Drum Dance, Part 2
The Return Home
Boy Steals the Cubs
The King is Killed
Cheta's Luncheon Guests
Cheta and the Owl
Tarzan Returns Cubs
Crossing the River
Building Montage
Flying Chimp
Cheta Escapes
Tarzan Steals the Guns
The Killer Lion
Freeing the Animals
Tarzan Saves Prince Suli
Monak Pursues Tarzan
The Tree Fight
  (A) Elephant Stampede
  (B) Tarzan to the Rescue
  (A) Tarzan to the Rescue
  (B) End Title

Dmitri Tiomkin


Tarzan and the Mermaids*
















* A suite from this film is part of a 4-disc CD on the Silva America label.



Main Title
The Legend
Ritual Chant, # 1
Ritual Chant, # 2
Ritual Chant, # 3
Mara's Escape
Benji's Song, Part 1*
Benji's Song, Part 2*
Tarzan's Water Chase
Sleeping Mermaid Song*
Palanth Reports
Mara's Gift
Dearest Mara, Farewell*
Mara Recaptured
The Chase, Part 1
The Chase, Part 2
Tarzan Meets Balu
Cheer Up, My Friends*
Palanth and Mara
Tarzan's Masquerade
Varga's Threat
My Guitar*
Menace Interlude
Menace Approaching
High Dive Drums
Return of Balu
Octopus Fight
Tarzan to the Rescue
Magnificent Cheta & End Title

* These songs were composed by John Laurenz, although the composer listed in the cue sheets is Sir Lancelot, obviously an inside joke.


Roy Webb


Tower introduction adapted from        Listen
  Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

This tower introduction preceded the Paul Sawtell scores for Tarzan Triumphs and Tarzan's Desert Mystery, as well as scores for other 1943 RKO films.

The Columbia Films

Gerard Carbonara & Nico Grigor (a.k.a. Germaine Ortala Leclerc)

I Married Adventure

- Married
- First Adventure
- Head Hunters
- Fever
- Africa        Listen
- Waterhole
- Lion Kill      Listen
- Hippos        Listen
- Jungle Fire
- Rhino Hunt        Listen
- Pygmies' Stogies
- Mount Kenya        Listen
- Wings Over Africa
- Flight Over Village        Listen
- River Camp
- Animal Migration, Part 1
- Animal Migration, Part 2
- Animal Migration, Part 3
- Monkey Scramble
- Borneo Jungle Life
- Jungle Menace
- Orang Hunt
- Orang Capture (& End Title)


Mario Casteluomo-Tedesco


Crime Doctor's Courage

- Murder Man
- Murder Solved        Listen

I Love a Mystery

- The Mummy
- Pegleg's Death        Listen
- New Pursuit        Listen

Prison Ship

- Food Distribution        Listen
- I Give You Five Seconds
- This Is It
- Where Are the Keys?

The Return of the Vampire

- In the Catacombs
- Bombed Church        Listen
- I Am Waiting for You
- The Cross

Sergeant Mike

- Walking Cue, # 1

Two-Man Submarine

- Walking in the Jungle
- Two-Man Submarine
- Neal Sees Explosion
- Neal's Fight
- Swimming        Listen

Joseph Dubin

Jungle Jim

- Main Title        Listen
- Jungle March        Listen
- End Title        Listen

George Duning

Cargo to Capetown

- Tanker Fire
- Valve Fight

The Gallant Blade

- Cadeaux Ambushed
- Fight at Virac        Listen

The Mob

- Face Fight
- Hospital Jitters

To the Ends of the Earth

- Hadley's Inspiration
- The Cardillo
- Vrandstadter's Suicide
- Grease Stuff        Listen

Hugo Friedhofer

The Bandit of Sherwood Forest

- The Search
- Hot Pursuit        Listen
- The Hoax Works

Louis Gruenberg

Commandos Strike at Dawn

- Eric's Speech & Sabotage
- Discovery of Airport        Listen
- Village Attack & Eric's Death

Lucien Moraweck

The Return of Monte Cristo

- Forgery        Listen
- Dantes' Arrest
- Devil's Island        Listen
- Prisoner
- (Cristo's) Escape
- Chez Lafitte
- Chateau d'If        Listen
- Lafitte's End        Listen
- Emperor        Listen
- Rioting, Part 1        Listen
- Rioting, Part 2
- Revengeful        Listen

Miklós Rózsa



- Discovery of Well       
- Search for Well, Part 1
- Nazi Intruders        Listen
- Trapping the Nazis
- Nazi Offer
- Desert Storm
- Waco's Rescue
- Somewhere in Sahara

Paul Sawtell

Fortunes of Captain Blood

- Blood's Bloody Battle

Marlin Skiles

1001 Arabian Nights

- Redheads Disappear
- Sultan's Hospitality
- He Wazir Dirty Dog