Episode 14 - The Golden Parasol

Additional Cast

King Otumfo
True Blood
Witch Doctor

Paul Thompson
Jon Truax
John Merrick
Floyd Shackleford


Dwight Babcock

During Bukari ceremonial rites, Tamba angers King Otumfo when he innocently toys with the King's priceless golden parasol, and to punish Tamba, Jungle Jim puts the playful chimp in a cage. Skipper, however, resents this, frees his pet and runs away with him, Meanwhile, two escaped convicts steal the King's parasol and Otumfo accuses the missing chimp of the theft, telling Jungle Jim that Tamba will be killed when his warriors find him. In the jungle, Skipper and Tamba see the crooks with the parasol, but before they can do anything they are seized by Otumfo's warriors.

Otumfo does no believe Skipper's story about the convicts, but agrees to spare Tamba's life if Jim returns the parasol before sundown. Feverishly, Jim follows the convicts as they flee in a canoe, dives in the water, overturns the canoe and captures the thieves. As the sun sets, Jim returns with the convicts and the parasol, thereby saving Tamba's life.

Episode 15 - The Code of the Jungle

Additional Cast

Jack Raily

Harry Hickox


 Sol Shor

Tamba's jealousy is aroused when Skipper shows affection towards his new pet, a little dog named Trader, and an irate Tamba drives Trader into the jungle hoping he will get lost. Trader finds the camp of ex-guide Jack Raily, who has lost all self-confidence after an unfortunate hunting accident. Jim, noting the attachment Trader shows for Raily, insists that Skipper leave the dog with the lonely recluse.

When Jim goes into the jungle to hunt a dangerous rhinoceros, Skipper runs to retrieve Trader. He takes Trader from Raily's camp, but the dog's barking attracts both Raily and the rhino, and the maddened beast charges Skipper. Although Skipper is between Raily and the rhino, the ex-guide's confidence returns, and he shoots past Skipper, killing the beast. Jim and Skipper thank him and Tamba is overjoyed when Skipper decides that Trader should remain with Raily.

Episode 16 - Wild Man of the Jungle

Additional Cast

Wilhelm Camphausen
Keith Williams

John Banner
Leon Lontok
Anthony Stone


Terence Maples

Jungle Jim, Skipper, Kaseem and Tamba fly to Sumatra where a "devil wild-man" has been destroying the huts and severely injuring the workers of Jim's friend, rubber planter, Wilhelm Camphausen. Following the reported trail of the wild man into the jungle, Jim captures the British airman, Keith Williams, who was shot down in World War II, and has been wandering about in a state of amnesia. Convinced that the emaciated airman is not a killer, Jim continues his search.

While Jim is gone, native leader Kumo and a band of workers, believing Williams to be the wild-man, take him into the jungle to kill him. Alerted, Jim returns and tells Kumo that tracks found in the jungle point to a wild orangutan's being the killer. Although not convinced, Kumo agrees to wait while Jim searches for the orangutan. Later, armed with a net and ropes, Jim and the natives capture the angry animal, who has been on the rampage since its mate was captured, and Williams, free at last, may return to England.

Episode 17 - Safari Into Danger

Additional Cast

Mickey Worth
Waco Johnson

Myrna Dell
Frank Richards
Jules Brock


John O'Dea, Jerry Thomas

Cowardly Waco Johnson and his female partner Mickey Worth hire Jungle Jim to capture animals for their circus. After crossing a river into the jungle, Jim, accidentally traps Pogani, a pygmy, and frees him. Hoping to capture the little man for their circus, Waco and Mickey pursue Pogani, incurring the wrath of his tribesmen.

The pygmies seize the whole party and tie them to stakes, but Pogani persuades them to free Jim, Kaseem and Skipper.

Jim returns at night and releases Mickey and Waco, but the pygmies are soon after them. Jim covers the circus owner's escape and Waco reaches the raft first, forcing Kaseem to leave Jim and Mickey behind. As Jim, trying to reach the raft dives into the crocodile-infested river with Mickey, an arrow is fired by Pogani, which kills Waco. Kaseem pulls Jim and Mickey from the water and they row to safety.

Episode 18 - Blood Money

Additional Cast

Avery J. Dixon
Doris Dixon

Paul Keast
Ike Jones
Frances Karath


 Lee Erwin

Warisi Chief Panu needs money to build a school for native children. Jungle Jim agrees to guide wealthy Avery J. Dixon and his twelve-year-old daughter Doris, on a picture-taking safari, and to be exceptionally helpful, so that Dixon will be receptive to Panu's bid for funds. When Doris, a spoiled brat, tries to steal a lion cub from an unguarded litter, Skipper stops her. Scolding her for her foolishness, Skipper, in his anger, tells her that he doesn't care if her father doesn't give money to the school. Dixon, overhearing Skipper's remark, feels Jim is being nice to him for the money and decides to leave the next day.

That night, Doris steals the cub from its litter and brings it into her father's tent. The enraged lioness is following, but Panu courageously battles the beast and although seriously wounded, keeps her from entering the tent. The lioness goes back to the jungle after Jim returns her cub to her, and in gratitude for Panu's bravery, Dixon donates the money needed for the school.

Episode 19 - Striped Fury

Additional Cast

Ram Singhe
Vasu Monohar

Bobker Ben Ali
Phil Van Zandt
Serena Sande
Dehl Berti


Dwght Babcock

Jungle Jim, accompanied by Skipper, Kaseem and Tamba, travels to India to trap a tiger that has been killing the natives of Peshwa. En route, Jim learns that a terrorist band of Kali worshippers led by Ram Singhe have been using the tiger to kill anyone who refuses to pay them tribute. Jim traps the tiger and sends Skipper to tell the people that they have nothing more to fear, but the terrified natives do not believe him, and he leaves to get Jim to bring the caged beast back to convince the natives.

Meanwhile, Ram Singhe and his band have descended on Jim and Kaseem, overpowered them, and tied them to a tree near the caged tiger. Jim, once more, uses Tamba to get help, sending him for Skipper. Just as Ram Singhe is about to uncage the animal and kill Jim and Kaseem, Skipper arrives and expertly shoots arrows cutting their bonds. Jim, knife in hand, meets the charging tiger and kills it, while Kaseem captures Ram Singhe. The remaining terrorists flee, and Peshwa is again restored to peace.

Episode 20 - The Sacred Scarab

Additional Cast


Tom McKee
Wes Hudman
Charles La Torre
Roy Lennert


Sloan Nibley

Posing as members of the International Police Force, gangsters Brewster and Locke persuade Jungle Jim to guide them to the Tanura district, where a plane carrying a priceless golden scarab has disappeared. In reality, Brewster is the infamous jewel thief, Morelli, who killed a guard while stealing the scarab. The plane for which he is searching is piloted by his henchman, Morgan, who made the get-away with the precious gem. Jim unknowingly guides Brewster and Locke to the Tanura district, where they find Morgan, who tells them that the plane crashed and now lies at the bottom of a lake.

At Jim's compound, a real international policeman arrives, but Skipper is suspicious of him, and decides to guide him to the Tanura district so that he will fall into the hands of the "real" police officials.

Meanwhile, Jim dives into the lake and recovers the scarab from the plane. Brewster and Locke then reveal their true identities and, with drawn guns, order Jim to lead them from the jungle to safety. However, Jim whirls on the thieves and after a terrific battle, overcomes them - just as Skipper and the real police official arrive to take charge of the criminals.

Episode 21 - Voodoo Drums

Additional Cast


Martin Wilkins
I Stanford Jolley
Don C. Harvey


Lee Erwin

 Jungle Jim becomes alarmed when the Makota tribe, whose Chief Orenga, has sworn to maintain peace, starts to attack the Daytus. Jim doesn't know that two swindlers, Bremer and Kenyon, by professing to have powerful voodoo magic, are using Orenga to drive the Daytus from their land, where they have discovered diamonds. To prove his power, Kenyon sticks pins into a doll fashioned to resemble Land Commissioner Morrison. He then puts drugs into a peach cup Morrison is to drink.

Wen Morrison becomes ill, Kenyon poses as a doctor and prepares to poison him. Morrison's death is to be the signal for the Makotas to drive the Daytus from their land. However, when Tamba finds a fetish doll in Kenyon's valise, Jim realizes the nature of the swindler's power over Orenga. Jim threatens to make Kenyon drink the poison prepared for Morrison, but Kenyon breaks down and admits the plot. Jim returns to Orenga's village, overpowers Bremer, and destroys his voodoo hold over Orenga, thus preventing the war.

Episode 22 - The Avenger

Additional Cast

Adam Brock

Joel Ashley
Robert Bice
George Cisar
Mauritz Hugo


Charles R. Marion

 Jungle Jim is employed by three trappers, Stacy, Allen and Fletcher, to lead them on a safari to trap black panthers. During their absence, Adam Brock comes to Jim's compound and persuades Skipper to take him to the safari party. Brock tells Jim that he has come to kill a left-handed trapper who murdered his brother, and although he doesn't know the man, he believes him to be one of the three trappers with Jim. When a secret attempt is made to kill Brock, Jim realizes that the story is true.

Jim tricks Allen into revealing that he murdered Brock's brother, but as Brock raises his gun to shoot Allen, Jim persuades him not to kill the guilty man, but to turn him over to the authorities. Brock agrees and thanks Jim for stopping him from committing a murderous act which he would have regretted ever after.

Episode 23 - Return of the Tauregs

Additional Cast

James West
Chief Moolug

Byron Foulger
Duane Thorsen
Mel Welles
Anthony Ghazlo


Terence Maples, Rik Vollaerts
Lawrence Goldman

Tamba finds butterfly expert professor James West lying unconscious in the jungle. On being revived, West tells Jungle Jim that he was hunting for precious butterflies when he was knocked unconscious and awoke to find his white hunter Martan and Zambesi porters gone. Jim finds a leg iron and realizes that Martan is a slave trader who has taken the Zambesi porters captive. He sends Skipper, Kaseem and Tamba for aid, while he and West follow the path of the slave-trading band and their captives.

While going for help, Skipper and Kaseem are captured by Martan and his Taureg tribe allies. They are taken to the camp of the Taureg sheik, Haussein, head of the slave-trading band, and Skipper quickly sends Tamba to find Jungle Jim. Jim and West follow Tamba to the slavers' camp, and Jim releases Skipper and Kaseem. Then Jim and Kaseem attack and overpower Martan, Haussein and their slave-trading crew, and send the Zambesi porters - who were destined for slavery - back to their native village.

Episode 24 - The Silver Locket

Additional Cast

Lady Forsythe
M'Wali (Betty)

Ruth Clifford
Irene Walpole
Emmett Smith


John O'Dea, Jerry Thomas, Roy Erwin

After caging a lion, Jungle Jim discovers the animal is wearing a locket bearing the Forsythe crest. On seeing the locket, Lady Forsythe tells him that years before, her infant daughter, Betty, had been playing with it when she disappeared into the jungle. Jim agrees to help Lady Forsythe look for Betty. Jim and Lady Forsythe, accompanied by Skipper, Kaseem and Tamba, make their way to a savage tribe of lion worshippers, ruled by Chief N'Bana and a white goddess named M'Wali.

Lady Forsythe realizes that M'Wali is her lost daughter. However, N'Bana and M'Wali, learning that Jim caged their sacred lion, order that the whole party be imprisoned to await execution. Lady Forsythe opens a music box her daughter played when a baby. M'Wali, hearing the familiar music, realizes that Lady Forsythe is her mother, and leads the party out of the village to escape the savage tribe. A mad pursuit by N'Bana and his warriors is cut off by a pride of lions obeying M'Wali's last command. Back at the compound, Lady Forsythe thanks Jim for restoring her long lost daughter.

Episode 25 - Gift of Evil (a.k.a. Jungle Fever)

Additional Cast

Mr. Martingale
Dr. Angus McCloud

Dick Elliot
Leonard Mudie
Roy Glenn


Terence Maples
Herbert Purdom

 In order to get a watch for his father's birthday, Skipper, without Jungle Jim's knowledge, guides medicine man Martingale to the native villages to sell his wares. Meanwhile, Dr. McCloud, the Health Commissioner, tells Jim that an epidemic of swamp fever has broken out among the natives, but after investigating the water supply, Dr. McCloud and Jim are unable to find any sign of contamination. However, when Chief Mengo brings his sick son, Jabi, to Jim's compound, he reveals that he has given the boy some of Martingale's medicine. Jim tests the medicine and finds that it is contaminated.

Jim runs to McCloud's hospital to get serum to save Jabi and on the return trip is attacked by a leopard. Although Jim kills the beast, he is wounded and falls into an animal trap. Meanwhile, Skipper, remorseful for his part in the plague, runs away with Tamba, who discovers Jim in the trap. While Skipper stays with his father, Tamba hurries with the serum back to the compound and he child's life is saved. Jim's recovery and return to the compound are celebrated with a very happy birthday party.

Episode 26 - Power of Darkness

Additional Cast

Horatio Erskine

Pierre Watkin
Keye Luke
Philip Ahn


Wells Root, J. Benton Cheney
Wells Root

Jungle Jim, Skipper, Kaseem and Tamba join professor Erskine's Himalayan expedition to observe the sun's eclipse. While Jim, Erskine and Kaseem are setting up the observatory equipment, Jalang, the expedition's head porter, takes Skipper and Tamba through a hidden tunnel to see Koati, the lost city of sun worshippers. On arriving at Koati, Jalang tells Skipper that he is the reincarnation of their god, and is going to be kept there to rule over the Koati tribe.

A search for Skipper takes Jungle Jim, Erskine and Kaseem through the tunnel to Koati, where they find Tamba with a note from Skipper explaining his predicament. The men disguise themselves as natives and as Skipper is about to be anointed with his new authority, the eclipse darkens the city, and the natives fall to the ground in awe. Jim grabs Skipper and they all make a mad dash through the tunnel. An avalanche cuts off the pursuing sun worshippers and the party escapes safely to the outside world.