Jungle Jim
Joan Redmond (adult)/ her mother
Joan Redmond (child)
Malay Mike
Kolu (child)
Shanghai Lil
Bruce Redmond
The White Cobra
Gilbert, the American Consul
Tyler, an Attorney
Slade, Redmond’s partner
La Bat, Slade’s henchman
Captain J. S. Robinson
Red Hallahan
Thomas Redmond, Joan’s father



Grant Withers
Betty Jane Rhodes
Marianne Edwards
Raymond Hatton
Al Duvall
Miles Clark
Evelyn Brent
Bryant Washburn
Henry Brandon
Claude King
Selmer Jackson
*Al Bridge
Paul Sutton
William H. Royle
Jack Clifford
J. P. McGowan
Frank McGlynn, Jr.
Frank Mayo

Charles Murphy

Eddie Parker, Newton Withers, Harry Carnella, Loren Reibe, Ray Martin, Virginia Whitmire


Associate Producers


Ford Beebe, Cliff Smith
Henry MacRae, Ben Koenig
Wyndham Gittens, Norman S. Hall, Ray Trampe

Art Director
Supervising Editor
Song: "I'm Takin' the Jungle Trail"

Ralph DeLacy
Jerry Ash, A.S.C.
Saul A. Goodkind
Edward Todd, Alvin Todd, Louis Sackin
Words and Music - Kay Kellogg

* Robert Kortman is listed for this part in the Central Casting Sheets

This page is more like a related appendix since it has nothing to do with Johnny Weissmuller.

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Grant Withers, Betty Jane Rhodes, and Raymond Hatton