With deep regret I must inform everyone that my brother,
       Geoffrey L St Andrews
 passed away on
 February 16, 2016, while
spending his last winter in
Cape Coral Florida

 This Website will be kept open for the purpose of selling Geoff's memorabilia.

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Geoffrey L St Andrews       Johnny Sheffield


This site is dedicated to the Olympic champion Peter John Weissmuller, who, after winning an unprecedented five gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1924 and 1928, went on to become the best known and best loved of all the screen Tarzans.

This is the second version of my web site, and it has been greatly enlarged. I hope it finds approval among Johnny’s many fans all over the world.

My interest in Johnny’s film career began when, as a child of six or seven, I was first exposed to the excitement of the Saturday matinee. And of all the film heroes I saw, he stood out like a beacon. Being fortunate enough to have grown up in Toronto, Canada, I could count on seeing his Tarzan and Jungle Jim films almost whenever I liked, since we had so many movie theatres and he was so popular with adults and children alike that they played regularly all over the city. In fact, I would go to the Film Exchanges on a regular basis and make a list of the theatres in which his films were to be shown.

As with any research, I am indebted to scores of individuals who have helped me over the years. Below is a list of wonderful people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for the assistance, direct and indirect, that they have given me.


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Some Celebrity Comments

... Johnny Weissmuller may have been the greatest swimmer there ever was, and he swam in a full bathing suit. — Andy Rooney

... if there ever was an institution, it was Johnny Weissmuller Ron Ely

...in Austria we loved Johnny Weissmuller and his Tarzan movies. I remember when I was six years old, my father took me to see Weissmuller when he opened a swimming pool in our town. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

... Johnny Weissmuller — he was a great Tarzan — Roger Moore

... [Our] favorite diversion was foreign movies, most of them captured by the Red Army from German forces and shown in the "culture club" on the main floor. Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan movies were most popular. After one such epic show, the Stromynka hostel would resound with jungle whoops by the students. — Reminiscences of Mikhail Gorbachev as a student

... Of all the actors who have portrayed Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller is certainly the one that I prefer — Casper Van Dien



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