I have received numerous e-mails about the following items.

1. There is a home in Bel Air with a large swimming pool surrounding it, almost like a moat. According to the Hollywood     Tour groups, it belongs to the Weissmuller estate. It is currently in disrepair. When will it be renovated?

First of all, Real Estate people for Bel Air assure me that the home was not built nor ever owned by Johnny Weissmuller, a statement which is confirmed by Weissmuller's son. The house was apparently built by Marion Davies, long time mistress of press baron Randolph Hearst, and there has been talk of renovating it by the holders of her estate, but to date, nothing has happened.

2. Did Johnny Weissmuller make the dive from the George Washington Bridge in Tarzan's New York Adventure?

No, he did not, nor did any stunt man make the dive. Such a stunt would have been fatal to any human being. The stunt was contrived on the MGM lot. The shot was filmed by cameraman Jack Smith from the top of the MGM scenic tower on lot 3, shooting straight down as a dummy plunged into a tank.